Dec 11, 2017

Pink Pompoms

Sweater / Pulover - HERE / AICI || Jeans / Blugi - Zara || Shoes / Pantofi - Zara || Bag / Geanta - Michael Kors

From winter days wrapped in Christmasy vibes we have to travel back in time for a little while and go back to warmer autumn days and that is because I still have to show you some looks I shot some time ago. Among those looks there is also this casual, chic outfit in some cotton candy colors, which features the cutest SWEATER ever!

Yes, it's pink, it has pompoms and 3/4 length sleeves, it's very soft and pretty and it can be styled in many different ways, fact which makes it the perfect piece for autumn, winter or spring. I wore it on a warm, sunny autumn day with a pair of mom jeans, some nude pointed flats and a nude bag, to which I added a headband in the same shade as the SWEATER and some pink flowers to make it all look even more girly (as if it wasn't already girly enough :)) ). This outfit would be suitable for a spring day as well, but you can also wear it during winter if you add a faux fur or coat and some boots / ankle boots to it.

How would you wear this sweater?

Have a lovely new week,

P.S: You can find the sweater HERE, on SALE (under 20$!), and if you use the code "LauraZF" on your check out you will also get a discount.

Dec 7, 2017

The black cape

 Cape / Capa - HERE / AICI || Blouse / Bluza - H&M || Skirt / Fusta - Zara || Bag / Geanta - Zara || Boots / Cizme - Diva Charms || Beret / Bereta - H&M 

A cape coat is definitely a piece which didn't made its way to my wardrobe, well..until now. As I like to try different things whenever I get the chance and you know how much I love wearing coats, this time I decided to choose and style a different type of coat: the CAPE.

In case you didn't know, a cape is a sleeveless coat which is to be worn over different long sleeved blouses, sweaters, dresses, leaving the sleeves of the latter items to be seen. Or it can be worn with long gloves. In my opinion, a cape coat is quite an elegant, feminine piece and can be worn on several occasions. I chose a black cape because I thought it is the easiest to style and it goes with everything, but black is also the most elegant non-colour. I love its golden buttons and I think they make this piece look more expensive than it really is and I also like the scalloped edges, which give quite a nice touch to it. I would have liked the fabric to be thicker so that I could wear this cape during the cold days of winter as well, but during the not-so-cold autumn days this is just perfect.  

I paired the cape with a patterned blouse in order to make the cape stand out and emphasize its cut and shape, but also because I thought it looks more interesting. Then, berets are my tiny obsession at the moment and I finally found the perfect red one which makes me think of that parisian chic again. Paris, mon amour! 
I also added a red bag to match the beret and my red lipstick and finally, the over the knee boots, which are a must-have for winter.

What do you think of this look?

Have a lovely weekend,

Dec 4, 2017

Pearly details

 Jacket / Jacheta - Primark || Sweater / Pulover - HERE / AICI || Skirt / Fusta - H&M || Beret / Bereta - Zara || Clutch / Plic - Primark || Ankle Boots / Botine - H&M

Hey hey, Monday is here (again) and since I have so many new outfits to show you, I thought why not post another one :D This time a slightly more winter-appropriate outfit which is definitely among my favourite ones lately. And that is because of this gorgeous SWEATER, yes you guessed it right. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this one and we all know I've been quite obsessed with pearl details this season. It's pretty obvious that the obsession continues and so I ordered this pretty pretty sweater with embedded pearls, which has a really good quality, it is quite thick and soft and most importantly it's also very warm! It comes however a little bit small (this one is an L, if you can imagine) so you should definitely size up, but the fact that it is a cropped one doesn't bother me too much as I like to wear such sweaters with shirts underneath.

Nonetheless, this time I did something different and styled it with a midi skirt and I totally love the result. Together with the beret (the MUST-HAVE accessory of the season!) this look really gives me some french/parisian vibes but due to the color combo also brings me closer to winter. :D

Let me know what you think :)

Have a good, productive new week!

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