May 25, 2018

When in Pisa..

T-Shirt / Tricou - H&M || Skirt / Fusta - H&M || Belt Bag / Borseta - HERE / AICI || 
Slingbacks / Pantofi - Stradivarius  

I still remember our first trip to Italy, which was in 2013 and it comprised five of its most famous cities: Venice, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Verona. I absolutely loved each and every single one of them, both because of their similarities but also for their differences, not to mention the history or the food. Then, two short trips followed: one to Genova in 2014 and Rimini in 2015. Beautiful, but as I said quite short and different from what we saw in 2013. So, after a "short" break of almost three years, we got to visit another part of Italy this year, which was Cinque Terre. I already told you how much I loved Cinque Terre so I'm not gonna go there again, but during that week we took advantage of the short distance from Levanto to Pisa (about 100km) and we decided that it was worth paying it a visit. And so it was!

I have to tell you that the city (even though we saw very little of it) didn't impress me much, but the Piazza dei Miracoli is definitely a must see! It comprises four beautiful edifices: the Pisa Cathedral, the Pisa Baptistry, the Campanile (the Tower of Pisa) and the Camposanto Monumentale (Monumental Cemetery). Of course, the leaning Tower is the main attraction and if you imagine that you will be alone and able to get that perfect picture with the tower you are very wrong. It is quite crowded everywhere, depending also on the day and the hour you get there, but generally there are many people, especially around the tower (see photos below). However, you can still squeeze in and find a spot, but you have to have patience. :) Check out what I managed to do:

Also, I didn't have time to show you my complete outfit that I wore that day and I quite like it, therefore I thought it deserves sharing it with you here on the blog. :) A flowy midi skirt with stripes which caught my attention due to its colours (I didn't have this blue before), which I paired with a cute tee, my black slingbacks and the red bumbag, which you already saw in several combos.

What do you think?

Have a lovely weekend,

May 23, 2018

Polkadots, Pink and Monterosso al Mare

Dress / Rochie - Zara || Earrings / Cercei - Zara || Bag / Geanta - Guess || 
Sneakers / Tenisi - Converse

Yes, finally! I finally gathered my "strength" and managed to edit ALL the photos I have left to post from our trip to Cinque Terre, Milano & Pisa. I wasn't in the mood of editing them and I kept postponing the moment simply because everytime I remembered of how many they are I was finding something else to do instead :)). Well that, plus that I've been also busy with my other IG collabs and I've been away again, fact which you should know if you follow me on Instagram and you probably noticed the multitude of photos from Venice. Don't worry, I won't "stress" you out with sharing those pics here as well :)) I think you saw enough on IG. And if you didn't, this is a good reason to hit the FOLLOW button 👉 @andyandra.

So anyway, I am closing the "Cinque Terre" series with some photos and the outfit I wore in Monterosso al Mare, which was in fact the first village we visited and which is only 5 minutes away by train, from Levanto. We spent there some good hours and it was the only day when we visited just one city in the area, but it was nice to enjoy its (almost) every corner, have time for photos, have an espresso and later on, something to eat on the beach.
I forgot to mention that each of these villages / cities are full of stairs and streets which go up and down so you should definitely wear some comfortable shoes. For our first day there, I decided to wear my white converse along with a super flowy and comfy dress with polka dots (you already know how much I love polkadots at the moment!) and some pink accessories.

What do you think?

Kiss kiss,

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